I have spent a long while now going through a sort of ‘Sex and the City’ , ‘Peep Show’ , ‘Scrubs’ monologue in my head about several subjects. Sometimes I have shared a snippet of these thoughts over Facebook and have been told I make good points and should, in fact, start a blog.

Those who follow me on Facebook will know I periodically vlog about certain subjects. This is something I want to do more of still, however it can be quite time consuming so perhaps this will be a good outlet as well as YouTube.

I’m very much a fountain of ideas. I keep having more and more as time passes. One thing I want to try is the theory of sharing to promote an idea rather than trying to keep it all to myself and having far too much on my plate, which I have a massive tendency to do in the first place. So why not?

The world seems to be in a delicate state. Living in the UK, (and being a musician) I am of course effected massively by Brexit. The whole world is trembling after the U.S Presidential election still. War rules in Syria and poor refugees are being refused any safety or comfort. Attacks have happened on mass groups of innocent unsuspecting people in France and Berlin. Racism, sexism and more hateful behaviours and attitudes seem to be more alive then ever. What can we do?

It has been my belief since I was a child that anyone can change the world. Of course we would hope that change would be for the better but not everyone has that ideal in mind and some have a twisted vision of what a ‘better world’ would look like. My vision of the world is one where we are standing together, loving each other regardless of race, gender, wealth, look or intelligence. A world where education is put above money, where creativity is encouraged and game changing inventions that save the environment and lives thrive. It’s all very well just talking about these things; but just talking will never get anyone anywhere. ACTION. We must ACT if we want to SEE change. Whether it’s something big or something tiny, every action counts because every action has a reaction that ripples out further than you could ever know!

So I’m starting this blog, right here, right now, to be one small action of connection to YOU.

Until next time

– Stay Beautiful x

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